The NYSCDM 60-Hour Divorce Mediation Training Program is an expansive introductory course that will give you a solid foundation to help you start your career as a divorce mediation. Also, if you have been mediating or litigating, but are looking to refresh your skills or get professional feedback on your techniques, this program can help you too.

Part 1: Features 20 hours of asynchronous legal, mental health, and financial subject-matter training that you complete online at your own pace before Part 2. Our custom video modules feature seasoned mediation professionals who will provide you with the educational information you need along with their coveted professional insights acquired from decades of experience. 

Part 2: Features 40 hours of live mediation skills training via Zoom which is designed to give you and all trainees a robust experience with personalized attention. Our expert trainer will lead you in a variety of group exercises during which you will practice the lessons from Part 1. The trainer and experienced coaches will give you feedback during each class so you can build your skills. If you want individualized support, you will have access to the trainer outside the class.