About the Divorce Process

  • How to Divorce in New York: Grier Raggio and Michael Stutman
  • Getting Divorced Without Ruining Your Life: Sam Margulies
  • A Guide to Divorce Mediation: Gary Friedman

Coping Emotionally

  • Growing Through Divorce: Jim Smoke
  • Spiritual Divorce: Deborah Ford
  • Life Lessons: 50 Things I Learned From My Divorce: Beth Joselow

Children and Divorce

  • Mom’s House, Dad’s House: Isolini Ricci
  • Divorce Book for Parents: Vicki Lansky
  • Helping Your Kids With Divorce: The Sandcastle Way: Gary Neuman
  • What About the Kids: Judith Wallerstein
  • Between Two Worlds: Elizabeth Marquardt

Books for Children About Divorce

  • It’s Not Your Fault, Koko Bear: Vicki Lansky
  • Why Are We Getting A Divorce?: Peter Mayle
  • How It Feels When Parents Divorce: Jill Krementz

Economics of Divorce

  • Divorce and Money: Violet Woodhouse
  • The Financial Advisor’s Guide to Divorce Settlement: Carol Ann Wilson
  • Survival Manual for Women and Men in Divorce: Edwin Schilling