What people are saying about the New York State Council on Divorce Mediation:


"I love the sense of community. Within my first six months of membership, I've been welcomed and become more involved with the Council than other groups. I've been enjoying the many components of the mediation practice and absorbing as much as I can from everyone. If I was not part of NYSCDM, I would basically be a fish out of water. I think this organization is the glue for all of us to come together, and it's wonderful."

Danielle Lambert
Recently Trained Divorce Mediator

"I’ve been a member of NYSCDM since the day I completed my mediation training and the benefits of being a member have far exceeded my expectations.  From the informative and high-quality speakers who present at the conferences, to the camaraderie and sharing of information between fellow members, this organization hits the mark in every area. I would encourage both new and seasoned mediators to become a part of this collegial, dynamic, and educational organization."

Joelle A. Perez, Esq.
Peacemaker Divorce Mediation LLC
NYSCDM Board Member, President & Education Committee Co-chair


"The mediation peer group is my lifeline and my friendship group! The information I get from my colleagues and the help on all the issues that come up is irreplaceable!!"

Candi J. Fulop, Esq.
Fulop Law
Board Member, Membership Committee Chair & Court Relations Committee Co-chair


"I have been a member of the Long Island Peer Group for the last 3 years.  Being invited to join this group has been invaluable to me in my ability to network with other professionals dedicated to the mediation process.  By virtue of joining this group, I went on to become an active member of the NYSCDM, have been a presenter at the Long Island group, the New York State Annual Conference for NYSCDM and was a presenter for the first webinar for members.  The information I get from attending the monthly meetings has helped me a great deal." 

Donna LaScala, RFC
Registered Financial Consultant and Mediator
Dynamic Financial Services Ltd.
NYSCDM Member, Peer Group Leader & Annual Conference Committee Member

"I’ve been a member of NYSCDM since 2004. The Council provides so many wonderful opportunities for growth through continuing education, conferences, webinars, peer group meetings, etc. But what I love most of all are the friendships I’ve made, the family and collegial atmosphere and the resources we all provide for each other. Any New York divorce and family mediator who is not a member of our organization is really missing something extraordinary."

Ada L. Hasloecher
Divorce and Family Mediation Center
NYSCDM Accredited Member, Peer Group Leader & Annual Conference Committee Member

"I have been a member of NYSCDM for approximately 5 years. I enjoy our local peer group meetings, which are held monthly on Long Island with fellow members and featuring informative educational talks. I would recommend NYSCDM to anyone who is a mediator and wants to learn more about their profession and for the opportunity to meet like-minded professionals."

Jordan Trager, Esq.
Long Island Divorce and Family Law Attorneys
Mediator Member


"It has been a pleasure and honor to be a member of NYSCDM for the past 20 or so years. As I retire, I would like to encourage divorce mediation professionals to join and become active in NYSCDM for the camaraderie, education and business opportunities."

Mike Stokamer, Esq.
Divorce Mediator and Collaborative Attorney


"When I was new to mediation, I joined NYSCDM and some other organizations to get a grip on where mediation has been, where it is, how to do it; and to help shape where it’s heading.  I’ve happily stayed a member of NYSCDM to keep a grip on where mediation has been, where it is, how to do it; and to help shape where it’s heading ... and to befriend and get mutual support from a remarkable group of smart, lovely people."

Charles M. Newman 
Attorney, Mediator, Arbitrator
NYSCDM Former Board Member